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2014 Giving Back
One Heart for Hope visits its 17 high school scholars at De Sa Salle Lipa in Batangas. OHFH continues its mission to provide an opportunity for the poor and disadvantaged children to break the poverty cycle through education and aims to establish a scholarship endowment fund to serve the immediate needs of those incoming students for the next years to come.
Once again, thank you to all our donors who continue to support our cause to improve the lives of many children and may those who are disadvantaged continue to have reason to hope.
January 9, 2014 -De La Salle Lipa Scholars and Meeting with OHFH Board and Officers
January 7,  2014 - Giving Back - Aeta College Scholars in Pampanga
OHFH visits Aetas of Porac – Pampanga. These elementary children have been recipients of its Annual Feeding Program as an incentive to go to school. OHFH started weekly feeding programs with Angels of Hope USA since 2010 and have committed to continue until 2015 for 450 children attending school. Given the walking distance from the mountains over treacherous terrain where they live to the school they attend, most of them often discouraged to attend school. 
During the visit, OHFH provided these children friend chicken lunch, basic necessities, clothing, toiletries, school supplies, toys, back packs, flip flops (donated by Jun Alcantara, ice cream (Angels of Hope USA) and brand new shoes from Soles4Souls. Apples from RJ Garcia, Founder of Appledrive by Appleboy RJ also joined this mission by handing out apples to all the children. To all our donors who passionately support this program, we thank you on behalf of our Aeta children for the hope you have given to them to obtain an education which they did not dream possible.
About Aetas: The Aetas are among the 110 ethnographic groupings scattered throughout the Philippine archipelago and becoming more marginalized and deprived of their rights in their own land. Usually living in less accessible forested areas in central and southern Luzon, the Aetas hunt, gather, farm or trade to earn a living. In recent years, they have also added begging to their means of livelihood. They would rather beg than see their children miss school or go hungry.
January 7, 2014 - Giving and Feeding - Porac, Pampanga
OHFH visits Its Aeta College Scholars in Porac – 43 Aeta students live in this temporary shelter while attending school under joint scholarship program with Angels of Hope USA. OHFH and AOHUSA have started a joint mission to help fund a permanent shelter that will provide a better and conducive place for studying; to provide livelihood that will develop their talents and recognize the value of sacrifice; and a place for reaching out to their faith for prayer and guidance.
During the visit, personal messenger bags, hygiene products, sunglasses, Nokero solar lights, school supplies, apples, snacks, and ice cream were given the students. Spending the afternoon with these students and getting to know each of them, including mentoring, conversations, singing and dancing made our visit very memorable.
January 8, 2014 - Giving Back - Indigenous People in Botolan, Zambales
OHFH was happily welcomed at the Aeta Resettlement Site “LAKAS” (Lubos Alyansa ng mga Katutubong Ayta ng Sambales) in Botolan, Zambales spearheaded by LAKAS Chieftain, teachers, and Brgy. Captain. The children gave us a glimpse of their culture by showcasing their local traditional dances and songs. 
The children were given complete sets of school supplies, story books, flip flops, small toys and hygiene products in eco-friendly bags. Lunch (rice with pork and chicken adobo with side of salted eggs wrapped and cooked in banana leaves) were also served to everyone. Barangay LAKAS is an indigenous Aeta tribe whose major livelihood is the planting of organic vegetables, root crops and rice. It is a closely knit community that gives value to family, community and education. The children are also taught to imbibe their traditional practices and culture.
January 10, 2014 - One Heart for Hope meets its scholars at Sta Lucia High School
OHFH has partnered with the school’s “Adopt-A-Scholar” program to provide scholarship grants to deserving students at risk of dropping out due to lack of financial capacity of parents. The school's initiated intervention included counseling, awards, recognition and incentives, feeding program, effective parent-teacher conferences, home visits by teachers and provision of medical check ups. 
Our sincerest gratitude to Sta Lucia High School for your hospitality - to the officers of School Governing Council headed by Mrs. Adela Brazal, President; Mr. Gilbert Inocencio, Principal/SCC-CEO; Mrs. Teresita Quevedo, SGC Member; Mr. Gregorio Fiel Pineda, Abelardo Cruz, Jr., Mrs. Nermie Abuan, Mrs. Malou Santos, Lorelie Ramos, Perla Chupita, Mrs Criselda Dingle, Edgardo Orticio, Marita Valerio, Marilou Romasanta, Virginia Manalang, PTA officers and most of all, Ms. Laiza Brazal for coordinating with OHFH.
April 15, 2014 - OHFH Tutorial Center Opens Its 2nd Year – Where Dreams Begin..
On its 2nd year of giving free tutorial services, One Heart for Hope Tutorial Center located in Valenzuela City officially opens again last April 12, 2014. It provides a fun learning environment for children with zero knowledge and a foundation in the basic academic areas that will support their overall development and jumpstart for elementary school. Six basic subjects will be introduced to jump start their schooling: Writing, Reading, Language, Mathematics, Science, and MAPE (Music, Arts and Physical Education). The lessons are in compliance with the K to 12 system being implemented by the Dept. of Education to produce globally competitive students. 
Among the many children applicants coming from financially challenged families in the vicinity and as far as other barangays, 30 children ages 4-7 and with zero knowledge were chosen. 
Our goal is to help children develop a positive attitude toward school and learning; develop a sense of high self-esteem; and learn discipline and respect for self and others.
March 13, 2014 - T'boli Children Graduating from OHFH Learning Center
OHFH Learning Center – Lake Sebu, South Cotabato - In just three weeks, OHFH scholars from Lake Sebu will be graduating from Kindergarten! Thank you for making this school year possible for these 30 children. In the fight against poverty, education is key. Because of you, these students are gaining a solid academic foundation and a love of learning that will hopefully take them all the way through college, enabling them to break the chains of poverty for their future families.
June 2, 2014 -Appledrive in La Huerta Paranaque
In continuing partnership with the Appledrive Project, over 3,000 children received healthy apples in La Huerta Elementary School,Paranaque, Philippines. The Appledrive Project, headed by RJ Garcia is a campaign to educate indigent kids in both the rural and urban areas in the Philippines to promote a healthier lifestyle by eating apples. It also promotes good personal hygiene and literacy in various communities around the country. Michael Christian Martinez, our proud Olympic figure skater volunteered his time to help distribute the apples and meet the children at La Huerta Elementary.
June 2, 2014 - Olympic Figure, Michael Martinez Skater Gives Back (An AppleDrive Project by RJ Garcia)
Michael Martinez, Olympic figure skater in 2014 Winter Olympics volunteered for One Heart for Hope and joined the Appledrive Project by RJ Garcia held last April 23 in Perville, La Huerta, Paranaque. 250 children in the poorest neighborhood learned about good hygiene and were given apples for healthy snacks. Thank you Michael and RJ for such an inspiration to many.
Jomalig Island, a 6-hour boat journey from Real, Quezon province. Barangay Apad has the distinction of having the most malnourished children in all of the Philippines. Because it is one of the hardest places to access, the basic services offered by the government seldom reach the Barangay . One Heart for Hope visited this island to check on the children and to distribute Nokero solar lamps to ease the suffering of the powerless community here. We met a lot of warm people and beautiful children in this far flung island that needs all the help they could get. Especial thanks to Ju Dy Pazon for making this trip a reality.
June 2, 2014 -Jomalig - A Glimmer of HOPE
July 29, 2014 - Solar lights for Manobo Tribes in Agusan Marsh
Jomalig Island, a 6-hour b Lighting up Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary in Agusan del Sur, Island of Mindanao - the families of this tribe were thrilled to receive their gift of light that could improve their lives. These families, who currently dependent on costly toxic kerosene for lighting, can save more for food and basic necessities and children gaining more extra hours of study time every night. We hope to give them a brighter future. The tiny community of mostly ethnic Manobos have made their permanent homes deep within the marsh, living on floating homes. The small houses made of bamboo and nipa lashed to hardwood logs, freely rise or fall with the level of the marsh itself. The marsh provides virtually everything the Manobos need.
June 23, 2014 -Lghting Up Olotayan Island, Roxas City, Capiz
D Light Solar lanterns were given to families in this remote community of Olotayan Island. There is no electricity within the island and drinking water supply was rationed every week from Roxas City.
At present, the total population of the island is 959 more or less with 175 households. 80% of this are in the poverty threshold. Fishing is the major industry on the island.
DLight solar lanterns will make life easier for people in Olotayan.
​August 2, 2014 - Lighting Up Sto. Domingo, Albay
Typhoon Glenda made a landfall in Albay town. Although there were zero casualty on the lives of people, the typhoons destroyed many houses and toppled trees. Sto. Domingo was not spared of Glenda's wrath. It took weeks before the electricity was restored. A few more towns are still enveloped with darkness. One Heart For Hope, with the generous and kind effort Virginia Cananea-Lam and family, visited Sto. Domingo to distribute solar lights to families who cannot afford electricity. Solar lamps were also given to families in Tiwi, Albay, which as of this day still do not have electricity. Taking advantage of the rich volcanic soil in the slope of the majestic Mt. Mayon, ten varieties of vegetable seeds were also given to farmers to support them in their livelihood. Seeds can be very expensive to these farmers. With these project, we are sowing the seeds of love hoping everybody can reap its rewards. 
October 19, 2014 - Lighting Up Catanduanes
In a place which earned a monicker "the land of howling winds," (because storms have a habit of visiting them every now and then) One Heart For Hope did not hesitate to visit this far flung place even in the stormy month of August. North of Virac, OHFH visited the small and sleepy towns of Bagamanoc and Viga to reach out to the impoverished people who cannot afford to have electricity. People were amazed to learn that our organization came all the way from Manila to visit them. Volunteers were rewarded with great and warm smiles.
December 17, 2014  - Christmas in T'nuos Indigenous Learning School - So. Cotabato
One Heart For Hope visited the Indigenous Learning School located in Sitio Tinuos, Brgy. Takunel, Lake Sebu. There are 101 students from kindergarten to Grade 2 only.  Thanks to the dedicated team who took on these very challenging journey to spread love and hope to these children this Christmas- William Sy, Mayette Sy, Ely S. Mansilla, Regina Ramos, M'ma P Tolentino, Vera Marie Asentista, John Roland Pagsuguiron, and Ryan Carbero for their unwavering support and assistance. To Estrelita Jagonia and Fatima-Inderah D. Disomimba for their gift contributions. Chris Stebbings, Alan and June Stebbings and the Rotary Club of Horwich for their continuing support with our relief efforts. 
To the soldiers who helped us get to our destination, most of them away from their families, your have our utmost respect. One Heart for Hope will always extend an effort to reach out to the most distant and forgotten children. With the support of donors who believes in our projects, this dream was realized in Sitio T'nuos. As promised, we will hand your donations personally to these marginalized people.
December 16, 2014 - Christmas in Malkahi, Sarangani for B'laan Tribe
​On December 16, One Heart For Hope visited Malkahi Elementary School to bring Christmas cheers and gifts to the 164 almost forgotten children of Malkahi. This endeavor would not have been possible without the support of Rotary Club of Horwich, UK. To Alan and Chris Stebbings, your compassion and assistance to the Filipino people are highly appreciated. Thank you Quota International of Davao, Jewelry Express of Davao, particularly Estrelita Jagonia and Fatima-Inderah D. Disomimba. Special thanks to Regina Ramos (who came all the way from NYC just to support the Christmas gift-giving of One Heart For Hope) and her friend M'ma P Tolentino. And to the volunteers whose hard work and dedication were just amazing. Maribeth, Vera, John, Czaldy, Yaj Ra, and Ryan, your hearts are as big as the mountain we climbed on. Thank you so very much.

To Dr. Roel Cagape, this mission was inspired by your selfless work for the indigenous and marginalized people. Thank you for giving them voice. We heard it loud and clear.
December 18, 2014 - Christmas Seeds For Lake Sebu Farmers​
In line with One Heart For Hope's effort to promote livelihood to poor communities, ten varieties of quality seeds were distributed to more than a hundred farmers of Lake Sebu, So. Catabato. Most of these farmers lament the high cost of seeds and how easily it deteriorates. These seeds were coated with a layer to repel insects and pest, ensuring high quality yield, improve farmers productivity and livelihood and better lifespan. 
Each farmers received a highly saleable veggie varieties like ampalaya, eggplant, tomato, upo, okra, patola, pechay, upland kangkong, sweet pepper, and onion.
Thank you for the help and support of the following people:William Sy, Ely S. Mansilla, Mayette Sy, Regina Ramos,M'ma P Tolentino, Vera Marie Asentista, John Roland Pagsuguiron and Ryan Carbero. All these would not have been possible without your dedication and unwavering support. And to the donors from the US, you sowed the seed that yielded love and caring. 
Daghang salamat!

December 25, 2014 - Christmas in Tulang Diyot 
One Heart For Hope's favorite little island in Camotes, Cebu got a surprise this Christmas. Volunteers visited this tiny island again to spread the holiday cheers and distributed toys, hygiene products, and snacks. The children enjoyed the games and Christmas songs. It was drizzling but it did not hamper the exuberance of the children. Adults got their share of blessings too. 
Thank you very much to our dedicated volunteers for giving their time to these children on Christmas day, Reil Nudalo, Formentera Barry, Angel Formentera, Soc, and couple Gary and Donna Castillon Liong.