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2012 Giving Back Projects
Last December, over 40,000 families left homeless and close to 1,000 lost their lives from the worst flooding in Mindanao in the last 25 years.  OHFH immediately coordinated relief efforts with the help of local volunteers in the areas. During its relief efforts, over 900 families in evacuation centers were given the most sought-after items: double-sized sleeping mats, 2 kilos of rice, shampoos, bath soap, plates and utensils, laundry detergent, underwear, basins, canned goods, noodles, rice, utensils, and soaps to make the lives of these families a bit more comfortable.  OHFH extends their sincerest gratitude to the volunteers of CDO in their efforts to identify what items these families need the most. Sometimes our light goes out, but it is blown again into flame by an encounter with another beautiful soul – our volunteers! Our deepest gratitude to our volunteers and donors who have rekindled their inner light one way or another. Thank you to our US and CDO coordinators, donors and supporters who’s been helping us with our disaster relief efforts. With your support, we can continue to provide emergency relief and recovery for these families. 
Jan - March, 2012 - Ongoing Emergency Relief Operation in Bulao, Iponan, Cagayan de Oro
OHFH board member, Glenda Bule with Jho Bule, Julius Roque, and 17 volunteers left at 6 AM on January 4th to visit our aeta scholars in Porac. 360 little aetas were served with home cooked meals, given school supplies, toys, clothing, vitamins and sunglasses to protect their eyes.  Like many indigenous people around the world, the Aetas are still suffering from oppression, loss of language and identity, poverty and lack of resources. OHFH, together with our partner Angels of Hope, have committed in a twice-a- week feeding program until 2013. Though our scholarship programs, learning incentives, counseling, mentoring, tutoring, monitoring, and spiritual guidance, we are empowering and setting the ground for their self-determination, a chance to live out their dreams, including the preservation of their cultural integrity.  Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters who made these possible, for Glenda who made the home-cooked spaghetti for all these children, Julius and his team for coordinating this event, Sister Puring, Fr. Ching and Fr. Fuertes, Silverback Riders, Bule Families, Roque families, and Jho for the touching pictures. To all our donors who passionately support our indigenous program, we thank you on behalf of our Aeta children for the joys and hope you have given to them.
January 4, 2012 -It’s Still Christmas in Mountains of Porac -Aetas Gift-Giving
February - March 2012 - On-Going Art Therapy Sessions for Children - “Sendong Victims” in Bulao, Iponan, Cagayan de Oro
200 children have participated an art therapy session to express themselves through their art. This form of therapy proves that a creative act can be healing after a traumatic incident. These are the children from evacuations centers that were left homeless from the flood waters, lost their loved ones, experienced severe trauma and have reached out for help to cope with their pain. By expressing their feelings and thoughts through art, these children can begin to explore their emotions, fears and anxiety that they may not be able to say with words. 
“We felt the need to shift to treat these people for the signs of trauma they are already showing. We were particularly concerned for the children. The children have very special place in our heart, seeing that through these children are the hope and the future of this country, most especially this city, the city we love.” Moon

OHFH Volunteers attended course training for a Stress Debriefing and Psychosocial Intervention Training guided by Ms. Janet O. Ibale, Roger Lee, and Voltaire Marquez. 200 children from Bulao, Iponan evacuation centers participated in the program and were given art kits and school bags. Additionally, 265 children were given snacks donated by another volunteer. Thank you to our art therapy coordinators and volunteers: Velga (6-7 years old); Henrick (7-8 years old); Charity Ann Borra and Janeth (8 years old); Monina (9-10 years old); Rich, Charity, Chao, Moon (10-12 years old); Makmak, Moon and Rafa (food committee and photos).
March 10, 2012 - 2nd Annual Winter Shelter and Feeding in Los Angeles – Giving Back to our own community by making an effort to help those who are less fortunate.
In partnership with Angels of Hope, 220 homeless people where given shelter, food, clothing, hygiene kits, soap, and towels for the showers and other supplies day at St. Elizabeth Seaton Church in LA County. 6 year old , Raven who raised money through her cupcakes produced 300 smoked ham and cheese sandwiches and 220 pre-packed lunch with apple juice, assorted chips, chocolate chip cookies and fruit jellies. From 10 AM to 8 PM – volunteers prepared and packed lunches, dished out meals, prepared the church hall, register, assisted in showers, sorted clothing, served meals and cleaned the kitchen - all in a small attempt to help and do their bit – and to learn how by sharing we receive greater fulfillment than we do when we are taking. 
Thank you Raven, Carson, Joe and Kristi for “Cupcakes for a Cause” proceeds, all our donors, Oakley Cafeteria, Il Fornaio Panificio who donated all the hearthy breads, Sprinkles Cupcakes, all the staff at Elizabeth Ann Seaton Church, Angels of Hope (giving partner), The East San Gabriel Valley Coalition for the Homeless and the generous dedication of all the volunteers that worked so hard to make this event successful. OHFH has committed to respond to basic human needs of homeless individuals and families in our local communities in the US at least once a year.
March 16, 2012 - 6th Grader’s One Heart for Hope Undertaking for Children of CDO Evacuation Center
Children, ages 3-12 years old, in Tibasak, Macasandig Cagayan de Oro City were thrilled to receive the boxes that arrived from Hayden, a 6th grade student at Stella Brockman Elementary School in No. California, who recently got involved with OHFH as a "Lil’ Ambassadors of Hope." Hayden asked his friends from school to gather school supplies, new or gently used toys, books, clothing and shoes. Hayden also received cash donations from his campaign. His family drove to Foothill Ranch in So. California to personally deliver his collected goods and donations to One Heart for Hope. We also thank Lisa and Dan Bushnell, Marlene Blasco, and Angels of Hope for all their donations to the victims of CDO. As Lil’ Ambassadors for One Heart for Hope, children learn about generosity, appreciation, compassion and giving. Once they understand the concept, the rewards can last a lifetime.  To Hayden and all our Lil’ Ambassadors with big hearts who continue to make a difference, make an impact, bring hope and heal hearts – we are very proud of you!
Our Lil' Ambassadors of Hope:
PHILIPPINES - Ice Perez, Orsic Roque, Janna Roque, Iza Serna, Ryzelle Parunga, Patricia Marin and Miguel Marin.
UNITED STATES - Raven Alanes, Carson Alanes, Hayden Borgeson, Brendon Roque, Kyle Roque and JR Luna.
March 20, 2012 - Continuing our Compassion and Support for Cagayan de Oro – Psycho-Social Healing through Livelihood Program for Adults
Together with the Angels of Hope USA, we continue to assist storm victims in their healing process and in overcoming periods of difficulties caused by great loss. We have started a Livelihood Training for adults as part of their therapy program conducted by Ms. Crispina Estrada, an accredited livelihood coordinator, Lito Munoz who donated supplies for the crafts, Genee and the KKCC family and all the volunteers who tirelessly give their time in coordinating our on-going relief projects. These women have produced over 100 feet of rugs and pot holders. The training is conducted at the Amakan 1 shelter, which is a temporary resettling for those who have been displaced and have no homes to return to. These settlers have worked hard to perfect their livelihood and give their best to produce a handful of these products. This program is an effective way to heal loss and trauma to both children and adults while providing them skills to rebuild their lives. We are proud of their passion to get back on their feet, it gives them a sense of security and a chance to reclaim their identity. Thank you to all our donors, KKCC family, Angels of Hope USA, Genee and those who continually support and pray for our kababayans.
March  30, 2012 - Immersion Therapy for Children – Cagayan de Oro
Immersion therapy is a form of phobia treatment used recently with these children as they learn to tolerate the fear of water from surviving the worst flooding in Mindanao. Gradually these children adjust to the stimulus and the fear is lessened. THANK YOU Genee and the KKCC family for continuing your mission to extend our assistance to the children.
“I learned a different story yesterday, also with the other volunteers. Of these 30 children, 95% have never set foot in a swimming pool. They barely know or read anything about swimming until we took them for their graduation and immersion therapy at Tropical Resort in Bulua Cagayan de Oro. Our hearts swelled with pride as they smiled throughout the day, enjoying the food, the place, their family and their first experience of being on a pool. The children woke up before 6:00 AM and practiced their dance number several times for the program, went to church and to their excitement, never bothered to eat breakfast. At 8:15 (15 minutes before call time) they are all set and have been waiting for us to pick them up. As soon as we pulled up, their warm smiles greeted us with excitement. Here are the pictures of yesterday’s pool party which you and your organizations, One Heart For Hope and Angels of Hope, made their summer an experience they will never forget.
As always, we thank you for your fervent support.” Genee and the KKCC Family
March 19, 2012  - OHFH Learning Center Pre-School Graduation - Class of 2012
24 children graduated pre-school from One Heart for Hope Learning Center because of your generosity in providing them the solid academic foundation. These children enjoyed a year of learning which included all supplies, school uniforms, daily nutritious meals, healthcare and surprise boxes of hope twice a year. Their parents also learn values, health and livelihood options on weekends. We are very proud of these children who worked very hard for 10 months and we are very thankful to our supporters who made a huge impact on the lives of these children. All the graduates will be entering into government funded primary school. Your ongoing support ensures that more children will have the opportunity to escape poverty through education. Thanks to our education partners who will provide scholarships for all these graduates throughout their elementary education. We are looking forward to another year of learning for another 25 underprivileged children in few weeks. 
June 8, 2012  - Lighting Up Pactan and Tulang Island  -  "Give Light, Improve Life"
Families from Tulang, in the island of San Francisco (Pacijan Island), still have no access to electricity and most likely will not in their lifetime. The town has one market, a church and few motorized vehicles. They live simply and rely on dim, unhealthy and costly kerosene lights to meet their lighting needs. On June 10th, they were all thrilled to receive their gift of SOLAR LIGHT!
OHFH’s “GIVE LIGHT, IMPROVE LIFE”, in partnership with DLight Design US and AsiaConnect Phils, implemented this project for school children and their families in rural areas that do not have access to electrical grid. Our goal is to provide healthy, affordable and efficient solar lighting for these communities to help improve people's quality of life. Lack of electricity in these areas means that the children are unable to study in the evening at home, further perpetuating the cycle of extreme poverty. The solar light campaign will bring life-changing benefits by improving their income, education, health and environment. Most recipients are families of poor farmers and fishermen whose income is very low and dependent on the weather.
These solar lights are extremely safe and use super-bright LEDs that do not emit any pollutants, will cut carbon emissions, provide independence from fluctuating kerosene prices, reduce the risk of fire, and improve indoor air quality that causes serious respiratory problems, especially for women and children.

Noel Galang, Director for Solar Light Campaign, joins OHFH with a humanitarian purpose. He founded a group called Escape Outdoors Club Philippines (hikers, explorers, adventurers and nature lovers) to reach out to those in need through its outreach projects for abused, neglected and abandoned children in remote areas of the Philippines.
Thank you Noel, Sir Heber Tampus from Tulang, our 108 solar light donors, Babes Claudio (campaign director), DLight Design, AsiaConnect, Julius Roque, June Luna, Jho Bule and everyone who pushed and helped make this campaign going. We have more remote areas to deliver lights to for the rest of the year. 
ONE HEART FOR HOPE and the heart logo are trademarks of One Heart for Hope.  One Heart for Hope trademarks may not be used, copied or imitated, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of One Heart for Hope Foundation.
 ONE HEART FOR HOPE . 27472 Portola Parkway, Suite 205-250 . Foothill Ranch, California  92610 . email - info@oneheartforhope.org
June 15, 2012  - OHFH Donates to "Kuya Center" Building Fund and Support for the Street Children
OHFH Donates Grant to “Kuya Center” towards Building Fund and Support for the Street Children in Quezon City and Suburbs of Manila. The Kuya Center rescues street children and traffic youth that are lost, abandoned, runaway, and vagrant, awaiting reconciliation or return to their families, if safe. Once rescued, the children are attended to regardless of sex or faith. On a short-term basis, they will be given basic necessities, personal development counseling, and basic financial support to restart school. Those whose families cannot be found (with consultation of the child) are referred to more long-term centers where they can stay until they finish their education.“Kuya” reaches out to as many children on the streets of Cubao, Katipunan, Philcoa, Tandang Sora, Fairview Market, Ever Gotesco, Anonas, Commonwealth, Sta. Lucia Cainta, and Marikina. The objectives of Kuya are basically to reconcile the children with their families/guardians; provide every opportunity possible for street children to re-establish their self-esteem; provide a safe and stable environment; and to help them adjust their lives so that they can successfully undertake recovery, rehabilitation and development programs that aim to lead them back to be responsible family members within society once again; and to provide the children with evidence of caring adult role models. We would like to thank project director, Bro Paul Murphy for giving us the opportunity to reach out to these children and for coordinating planned ongoing assistance to these children.
June 24, 2012  - OHFH Continue to Support Remote Shelter for Children and Teens in Butuan by Providing Electric Water Pump
Bethany Home in Butuan, Southern part of the Philippines, OHFH supports shelters that rescues at risk children and teens from abandoned, abused, orphaned and neglected children.  Donation was used to provide them with the new water sourde - a deep well automatic water pump.  They will no longer pay for water bills each month.  
June 23-25, 2012  - Matnog and Tikling Islands –Lighting their World from the Outside
OHFH is committed to bring hope where there is none and sharing lights to places where hopes are dim.
Living in less than human conditions, families in isolated fishing villages and depressed areas of Matnog and Tikling Islands in Bicol, Sorsogon and Samar either do not have electricity source or too poor to pay for electric powe. Solar lights help lift families out of poverty by providing clean safe lighting to their homes and their children can read at night in a non-polluting kerosene-free home environment safe from open flames. Noel and Abel, One Heart for Hope volunteers with the help of boatman Kuya Rolan explored hard to reach shores of these islands to reach out to the poor families to brighten their homes at night. Thank you Noel, our solar lights coordinators, our supporters for lighting their world from the outside and something as simple as solar light can make a difference. 
July 16, 2012  - Back to School Giving - 800 One Heart for Hope Backpacks and Complete School Supplies for Elementary Students
800 Backpacks and with complete school supplies given to elementary children from depressed areas in Valenzuela City and its surrounding communities. THANKS to our friends at Silverback Riders - Dexter Simeon; Jeff Tamayo; Steve Estimada; Armerson Mendillo; Rey Pastoral; Aldrin Alegre; Joey Paigma; Emman Cruz; Paolo Pura; Raquel Pulgencio; Dong Arboladora; Olan Hernandez; Mandie Lanuza; Juluis Roque and Boy Francisco.  Special thanks to Lindol 91 Alumni - Gladys Digno; Noime Neverida; Rowena Lazatin; Jenny Merin; Cecilia Arollo; Lhot Dhawa Serna; Verna Vargas De los Reyes; Melvin Veneracion; Nat Veneracion; Sylvia Delos Reyes and Irene Radaza Espaldon. To the Roque family and all the children volunteering to help out -  thank you for all you do and getting all the children involved to this worthwhile cause - Janna Charlize S. Roque; Osric Osmund S. Roque; Anthony T. Roque; Rowena Parungao; Elizabeth Ong Salgado; Leary Unson; Angela Mae Nunez; Karen Krischa Salgado; Jois Anne Roque; and Roger Palovino. Sincerest gratitude to Rosanna Ang for donating half of the school supplies for 3 years in a row!
July 18, 2012  - Lighting Up Mararison Island in Culasi, Antique
Culasi, Antique is one of many remote impoverished island in Mararison, Visaya. It was in 2008 when Typhoon Frank unleashed its fury in the island of Panay, Iloilo being the worst hit. Mararison in Antique was not spared. Most of the nipa houses were destroyed and nothing was left in their elementary school building. The people, whose only livelihood is fishing, tried to rebuild their lives from scratch. They decided to build a new school in the center of the island where the hills can somehow protect it from future destruction. Unfortunately, the children would have to hike before reaching their school with no hesitation but only determination. A sacrifice for the betterment of their future. OHFH decided to visit Mararison and see how well they have recovered. Barangay Capt. Mario Fuenteblanca told us that they have electricity powered by a generator from 6PM to 10PM which cost about P12.00 a day for a household to have a single light. Most families cannot afford this, especially the old people who cannot work and families who rely on the ever shrinking fish catch and farming. On the other side of the island, electricity is non-existent at all. We carried with us solar lights to help them rebuild their lives and to let them know that even in the farthest corner of our country, HOPE shines through. These pictures will tell their story.
August 24, 2012  - OHFH Grants Scholarships to Sports & Performing Arts Students
Two young football scholars, Archie Gimena and Loiue Jay Cabuenas from Canduman National High School, Cebu received their scholarship grants from OHFH. Aside from the organization’s Academic Scholarship Program, OHFH has started awarding scholarships to gifted athletes, music and performing arts students that demonstrated academic excellence. Two new performing arts scholars are Danilo Dayo, Jr., Bachelor Degree in Dance- De La Salle College and Sherwyne Sanchez, dreams of becoming a legendary singer someday from Baguio. Supporting a student’s education helps not only the student but the entire family to progress out of poverty. With your support, children have been able to continue their education and excel in their unique talents.
June 4, 2012  - One Heart for Hope Learning Center welcomes Class of 2013 Pre-Schoolers
OHFH Learning Center in collaboration with ICM based in HongKong provides free education for 30 pre-school students living in poverty with priority given to older children not attending public school. It has transitioned to dual stream kindergartens, each with 15 children in a morning class and an additional 15 more students in the afternoon class. Because of your support, 30 children experience the thrill of learning, regular medical checkups, and the satisfaction, growing and energy that come from having a full tummy. 
August 25, 2012  - Solar Lights Reached Families of Talicud Island, Samal
Talicud Island is located behind Samal Island in Davao City in the southernmost part of the Philippines. Electricity is only available from 3PM to 1AM but only to those who can afford. This impoverished barangay not only suffer from lack of electricity but also from lack of clean water source. Brgy. Dadatan has a cave where they get their source of water. Some gather rain water for bathing and drinking. To help alleviate their suffering from lack of electricity, OHFH distributed solar lights to those who cannot afford to pay electricity. Thank you to our donors who continue to touch many lives and help improve living conditions of these families in need.
Aug. 9- Sept. 6, 2012  - Emergency Relief Efforts for Flood Victims in Luzon
OHFH responded immediately to extend relief goods to displaced families in evaciuation centers due to continuous heavy rains that caused severe floodings in the province of Luzon.  2,500 individuals and families were served in the areas of Valenzuela City, San Juan Quezon City, Pampanga, Antipolo, Taguig, Quezon City, Cainta, Pasig and Marikina.
Aug. 25, 2012  - After the Rain There Is HOPE 
After the rain there is HOPE. Barangays in Pasig were ravaged by the recent flooding and OHFH delivered 150 backpacks and school supplies for the children including 350 reading glasses for distribution to the elderlies. Thank you to Dr. Paz Gonzales who conducts the eye clinic to dispense these glasses free to walk in patients (indigents ) every 3rd Saturday of the month. Thank you to Joy Arraiza, Julius, Babes Claudio, Cristy Evidente, Father Maico Rescate, One Sight Foundation US and all volunteers of Social Service and Development Ministry and Sto. Rosario de Pasig Parish for planning this event with One Heart for Hope.
Aug. 9- Sept. 6, 2012  - More Relief Goods Reached 1,090 Families from Quezon City, Marikina, San Juan, Cainta and Taguig
OHFH’s volunteers and coordinators immediately reached out and served total of 1,778 families in Luzon: Valenzuela City (150); Antipolo (300); Pampanga (238); Marikina (160); Tagiug and Cainta (130); San Juan (600); and Quezon City (200). These families were all victims of the Southwest monsoon (Habagat) that hit Luzon and left thousands of families homeless. To all our donors, volunteers, coordinators - we would like to express our deepest thanks on behalf of the thousands of families we served during this calamity
Oct. 6, 2012  - Shoe-giving Outreach with Skechers Philippines - Botolan, Zambales
HAPPY FEET for children in Aeta Resettlement Site “LAKAS” (Lubos na Alyansa ng mga Katutubong Ayta ng Sambales) in Botolan, Zambales! Some of the Aeta children are desperate for hope; many of them have never owned a pair of shoes. Their worries turn to smiles, and their tears to laughter, because through our small gift of shoes, they realize that people care. In collaboration with Skechers Philippines, Skechers US and Soles4Souls, OHFH distributed 350 pairs of shoes for children and adults. Huge thanks to Julius and Noel for leading this campaign! We couldn't have asked for a better team of dedicated, hardworking and passionate project directors for OHFH!

Sept. 29 , 2012  - Party of LOVE (Computers for Special Needs Children)
Party of LOVE for 155 Children with Special Needs at General T. De Leon Elementary School, Valenzuela City, held on September 22, 2012. Majority of these special kids comes from below average family who cannot afford therapies and recommended proper special education. OHFH donated desk top computers, monitors and school supplies to help them fulfill their wish list.
Thank you Evangeline Mendoza for allowing us to help the special needs children.
Oct. 27, 2012  - Lighting up Gigantes Group of Islands in Iloilo
Covering the islands of Gigantes Norte, Gigantes Sur, Cabugao Gamay, Balbagon, Antonia and Uaydajon, me and my team Nathan Snider of Seattle, Nathaniel Angeles of Iloilo, and Joefer Decano, a native of Gigantes Norte, were able to share the gift of light to the poorest of the poor on these islands. Only three days ago, typhoon Ofel swept thru Central Visayas and did not spare Gigantes. Gigantes Norte and Sur are the poorest municipality of Iloilo. Rich in natural wonders and resources, the people here are hardworking and gentle. In some areas, generator powered light are open only from 4PM to 10PM, but only for those who are accessible and can afford to pay for power. One Heart For Hope proves that reaching out to our "kababayans" knows no boundaries.

Oct. 6, 2012  - More Little Hearts Touched by the Gift of Shoes - Talisay, Zambales
154 children from Talisay, Cebu received their clogs from One Heart for Hope. Egay Salvacion, together with the “Bisdaks”, experienced the joy of giving to children from extreme poverty areas of Talisay. Most parents of these children are sikad drivers, construction workers or unemployed. Thank you to OHFH’s distribution partner, Soles4Soles, BOBS for Skechers, our coordinator Egay Salvacion and the “Bisdaks” organizers and volunteers for helping us improve lives, heal hearts and change new “soles” in Talisay.
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